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Stump Grinding Services

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Stump Removal and Stump Grinding Services in CT

Once a tree has been removed removed, an unsightly and intrusive tree stump is left behind. Call Tomorrow’s Trees to remove that stump permanently without damaging your lawn or property. Tomorrow’s Trees provides professional stump removal and stump grinding in cities and towns in Southeastern CT. Offering professional stump removal in East Lyme, New London, and Oakdale, CT.

stump grinding and stump removal

How to Stump Grind correctly in CT

In most cases, you’ll want to grind the stump eight to twelve inches below ground level to allow for the planting of grass, shrubs, or a new tree. If the tree was very large there may also be outer roots at or above ground level that need to be ground. This will be discussed during our initial stump removal inspection with the scope of work and the costs involved will be clearly indicated.


Tomorrow’s Trees also offers finishing landscape and lawn serviceswhich include removal of the stump grindings and spreading soil and seed.  If you’d like a replacement tree, we also provide the best professional tree planting service.

Protecting Your Property is Job One during Stump Grinding


Stump grinding requires the use of heavy equipment. Our stump grinding professionals will take the following precautions to help ensure that the surrounding areas are not damaged:

  • Fiberglass mats are placed on the ground to avoid tire ruts on the lawn from our equipment;
  • Heavy duty shields are placed around the stump to prevent any projectiles from damaging anything in close proximity so there’s no possibility of any damage to siding, paint, or windows of your home.


We do ask you to note that while precautions will, in most cases, prevent any evidence of stump removal; it’s possible that some very shallow ruts might be visible for a short period of time. These usually disappear within a few weeks. Whatever decisions that are made, rest assured that Tomorrow’s Trees will always put the safety of you and your property ahead of any other factor. Contact Tomorrows Trees and let us help you with the best lawn services and tree planting services in Connecticut.


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