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Tree Planting Services

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Tree Planting Services in Connecticut

At Tomorrow’s Trees Tree Service we provide professional shrub and tree planting service. Whether you need new trees, shrubs or bushes, our shrub and tree planting service professionals can provide you with a high quality specimens! We are your trusted company for Connecticut tree planting service when it comes to planting young trees to ensure they grow to full maturity. Our tree pros have been providing tree planting service in the Southeastern, CT area for years and we make sure to place them where they can reach optimal sunlight and nutrients.

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Tree Planting Can Increase Property Value


Planting trees is a great way to boost your property value, contribute to a smaller carbon footprint and improve the aesthetic of your property. Our tree planting service expertise is unmatched, as we provide much more than planting services.

When we plant trees on your commercial or residential property, we’ll provide you with:


  • The Best Prices: Before we start a tree planting project, we offer customers a free estimate on our tree planting services. We aim for cost efficiency and will inform you of every option so you can choose what’s best for you!
  • The Best Tree Planting Service: We pride ourselves in delivering the highest quality of customer care in CT! Our expert arborists are courteous and professional, unlike amateur companies who put little effort into their tree planting services.
  • The Most Satisfaction: When we work on your property, we make sure that you’re satisfied with everything we’ve done. We won’t stop working until we get your approval for our tree planting services!

Reliable Tree Planting Service in Connecticut


New trees can bring a fresh new look to your property and are a cooling source of shade in the hot summer months. Let our skilled professionals bring you the benefit of beauty and energy efficiency with our expert tree planting! We put a lot of consideration into the tree planting process, which is why we are the top choice for tree services in New London County. At Tomorrow’s Trees, we also provide stump grinding if you are looking to get rid of an old tree stump and start fresh. We determine the right placement of your trees so they can grow to full maturity by adhering to our tree planting process:

  • We’ll help you choose the right type of tree to conform to your property’s size and tend to group like trees together for cross-pollination.
  • We’ll determine the best placement for your new tree to avoid in ground obstacles likes sewer pipes and height limitations like utility lines.
  • Our experts consider soil type, access to light sources and other environmental factors to ensure your trees have all the nutrients needed.
  • We protect the longevity of your trees from sapling to maturity with tree trimming, organic fertilization and other services!



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