About Us


From the first call to the completion of the job, we always have staff available to take your call and answer any questions you may have along the way. We pride ourselves in offering fair pricing in addition to carrying the CORRECT INSURANCES for our industry that protect you as the property owner as well as our valued crew members. With over 20 YEARS in business, you will see that we have hundreds of 5-STAR REVIEWS across Google, Facebook, Angie's List, Home Advisor, BBB and more. We have an A+ rating with the BBB and have been vetted by Google and been given their Google Guarantee badge. Our #1 GOAL is to be your trusted tree care provider that you can depend on, time and time again!

About  The Owner

Rich is an I.S.A. (International Society of Arboriculture) licensed arborist with almost 30 years of experience in arboriculture. His experience includes comprehensive knowledge of tree service including pruning, tree removal and new installations. Rich has been a foreman and instructor of tree care crews for over 25 years. Tomorrow’s Trees L.L.C. was founded by Richard and Elyssa Cullen in October of 2002 to cover tree service in Southeastern CT.

We started with a two man crew, one old truck and a wood chipper. In three years we had grown to a four man crew and today 20+ years later, we have many sophisticated pieces of equipment at our disposal. We specialize in tree removal, tree maintenance (trimming and pruning), tree planting, stump grinding and stump removal, and a variety of other tree services. Trees are our only passion, year round.

Quality Tree Service in Southeastern CT

We have provided tree services in Southeastern Connecticut to thousands of customers in the past 20 years. With many repetitive clients, we have been applauded by all with our attention to detail and quality tree service. From tree planting, pruning, removals to stump grinding. Check out our google reviews to read testimonials from our tree service customers. Tomorrow’s Trees is proud to say we consistently provide continuing education to both our licensed and non-licensed personnel.

Our success is based on a solid foundation of quality workmanship as well as excellent customer service.


It is Connecticut law that any company involved in the professional care of trees (not removal of trees) be licensed. A licensed arborist is an educated professional who has passed an exam to become so and must continue their education to remain so. Please support licensed arborists and get the best care for your trees.

Through pruning and removal we encounter trees in every stage of their life cycle. We know where they grow best, how big they get, and potential problems you can expect from a given tree. Homeowners can save themselves a great deal of money if their plants are given a proper start. A tree must have good form, be well suited for the site and be planted properly and within distances to give it room to reach its full size. An ounce of prevention goes a long way in averting the costs associated with expensive corrective care, numerous chemical sprays or in extreme cases; replacement with a new plant.

Yes. Richard C Cullen # NE-1077A. HIC# 0636549.

We are fully insured as a Tree Service (not landscaper) which protects all parties when completing work more than 10 feet off the ground. We carry both General Liability for your protection and Workman’s Comp to protect our employees. A Certificate of Insurance (COI) can be sent to you from our agent so you know its valid. Unfortunately in our Industry, not all companies operate the same. We don’t cut corners or take risks when it comes to your home or our valued crew members!

Do you own the tree? Does the owner know of your plans and agree with a course of care?

Yes. Usually, once we begin a project we work until it is finished. However it is sometimes necessary, for many reasons, to break a project up over a period of time or seasons. We are more than happy to do that for our customers.

Yes, we provide all of our potential customers with a free written quote. The scope of a project as well as the price is always shown on our quotes so there are no surprises later. The price agreed upon is the price you pay when the project is done. Please call us at 860-848-TRIM (8746).

For most projects a deposit is not required. Deposits are sometimes requested for the purchase of materials and/or for projects involving several days of labor. Deposits are not cashed until the materials are purchased or a project has begun.


Tomorrow’s Trees is a customer service oriented company. Your satisfaction is very important to us. To contact our office,
please call the office at 860-848-8746. Email the proprietor directly at rich@tomorrowstrees.com
or use the form on our contact page.