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The Right Soil for Your New Tree – East Lyme CT

What Soil Is Right For My New Tree?

We dive into what soil mixture is good for your new tree


Have you wondered about selecting the right soil for your new tree? Planting trees is good for the environment and good for your property. Even though it can take many decades for trees to mature, they are a good investment to make in your home. If you had to have tree removal East Lyme CT done to remove dead or dying trees, it’s a good idea to plant new trees after the old ones have been removed. In the past, the common thinking was that when you planted a tree, you should add a lot of different elements to the soil to help the roots grow and for the tree to grow strong. But, after a lot of tree removal, East Lyme CT due to roots never developing properly and young trees dying many tree experts now have a different opinion.‍


Professionals recommend that if you are planting the tree yourself, you should dig a hole that is 2-3 times as wide as the root ball of the tree when you’re planting. When you backfill that hole using only the soil that was already there but added some bone meal to the soil to give the roots extra nutrients, by digging a wide hole you are creating space for the roots to spread out as they start to grow. This will anchor the tree in the soil and give it a solid base to grow on.


Tree Planting Advice

When you are digging a hole to plant a tree, you should also not make it too deep. This is another common problem that tree removal professionals often see when homeowners plant trees. It’s one of the primary reasons why trees grow poorly or don’t grow at all and need tree removal in East Lyme CT tree removal in East Lyme CT. Before you dig the hole to plant the tree, identify where the trunk flares out and meets the root of the tree. The hole you dig for planting should be no deeper than that flare point. In fact, it’s a good idea to dig a hole that is shallow enough so that the flare sits slightly above the ground. The planting hole should be shallow but wide in order to give the roots the perfect environment to spread out and start growing.

If the soil on your property is poor, ask a tree expert in East Lyme CT to recommend fortifying the soil with the right nutrients. Adding a thin layer of mulch on top of the newly planted tree roots can protect the new roots from rain or damage and give the tree a better chance of survival. If your property has sandy or poor soil adding the mulch layer is very important to prevent the need for tree removal in East Lyme CT later on.


The Right Soil for Your New Tree | East Lyme CT | Tomorrow’s Trees

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Time to Take a Tree Down – East Lyme CT

Watch for signs of disease or damage

You should call an experienced arborist to determine when it’s time to take a tree down. Trees can live for a very long time, but homeowners need to watch for signs of disease or death in their trees. Dead trees need to be taken down by experts in tree removal in East Lyme, CT so that those trees don’t become a hazard to your home and property.


Dead trees that are close to your home can cause massive damage to your home if they are knocked over in a storm or if the root gives way after death. Tree removal should be done by experienced professionals to ensure that the tree is removed safely and that the entire root structure, even the roots underground, are taken out. If you have noticed that some of your trees don’t look healthy and you’re not sure if they need to be removed contact the experts in tree removal East Lyme CT to have them assess the tree and remove it if necessary. The visible signs that one or more of your trees need to be taken down include:
No Leaves And No Growth
Bare branches on a tree are not normal unless it’s winter time and the tree is dormant. Any other time of the year if the branches of the tree are bare and have no leaves or signs of living foliage that tree probably needs to come down before the branches fall off. If you notice that a tree near your home, your garage, or where you park your vehicle is bare and brown when it should be green and full of leaves get a professional East Lyme CT tree removal to inspect it. They can assess the tree and see if needs to be taken down so that the branches don’t fall on your vehicle or other property.
Damage To The Roots
If the roots of the tree are damaged, the tree is probably dead, or dying, and needs to remove. Tree roots that are above the ground quite commonly are damaged by rodents, large animals like deer, or pests. If you have much wildlife in your area make sure that you check the roots of your trees regularly to see if they are healthy. Tree roots also can be damaged by lawn maintenance like lawnmowers or trimmers. Check the roots of the tree carefully and if you notice chunks missing from the roots, cracks or discoloration in the roots, or if notice that the roots don’t seem strongly anchored in the soil that tree needs to be taken down by tree specialists that have experience performing tree removal East Lyme CT.
The Tree Seems Unsteady
All trees will blow a bit in the wind, especially during storms. However, if you see a tree on your property that is listing to one side, seems easy to push out of position, or dips to a dangerous angle in the wind that tree is dead and needs to go right away. Don’t wait to call for tree removal East Lyme CT because waiting could cause significant damage to your home or property. Trees should always be removed by professionals who have the experience, training, and professional grade equipment to remove the entire tree right down to the roots that are in the ground.‍


Time to Take a Tree Down | East Lyme CT | Tomorrow’s Trees

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Trim Trees At The Right Time Of Year – East Lyme CT

It’s important to trim trees at the right time of year in East Lyme CT. Homeowners often aren’t quite sure how to take care of the trees on their property because the trees are often already grown when they buy the home. Sometimes homeowners don’t even realize that proper tree care is essential to keeping the trees healthy. Regular maintenance like trimming is recommended to prevent trees on your property from becoming sickly or dying.


It’s important that you trim your trees or have them trimmed by an expert in tree pruning in East Lyme CT at the right time of the year. If you trim trees too early, you can end up damaging the tree. If you trim it too late, the trimming won’t be effective. Trimming at the right time is the only way to keep your trees healthy. However, when is the right time to trim your trees? Most people think that the best time to trim trees in the fall. That’s when many homeowners clean up their yards, trim bushes and trees, and generally, get their yards and gardens ready for the winter when the plants and trees go dormant. However, most experts in tree removal East Lyme CT agree that you should never trim your trees and bushes in the fall. When you prune trees, it kicks off a cycle of new growth. In the fall the trees are getting ready to go dormant, so if you trim them in the fall you will interrupt their natural growth cycle, and in the spring instead of having a healthy blooming tree you will be calling for tree removal East Lyme CT because your tree will have tried to bloom over the winter and died.


Another reason why you should not trim your trees or bushes in the fall is that during the fall the weather is often wet and pruning trees or bushes in wet weather or when the ground is muddy can spread diseases to your shrubs and trees. Local tree experts in East Lyme CT say that diseases and fungus in trees can spread quickly in the fall, which is why they always recommend avoiding trimming any trees in the fall. Trees that bloom in the spring should be trimmed in the spring or early summer when the blooms have faded.


When you trim your trees after they have bloomed, you can safely trim the tree without damaging it so that you can still expect new growth and an abundance of blooms in the following year. If you have trees that bloom in the late summer don’t trim them in the fall. Wait until the early winter to trim them back. Taking care of your trees and working with their natural growth cycle will ensure that the trees on your property look beautiful and healthy for years to come. If you’re not sure if your trees are healthy or if you need help with tree removal East Lyme CT call the professionals who can trim your trees, assess the health of your trees, and remove any trees that are dead or dying.‍


Trim Trees At The Right Time Of Year | East Lyme CT | Tomorrow’s Trees

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Signs Your Tree Needs a Check Up – East Lyme CT

Tree Removal Southeastern CT

What are the signs that your tree needs a check up? Dead trees on your East Lyme CT property should be professionally removed as soon as possible. Tree removal in East Lyme CT should be done by professionals so that the removal is done safely and so that all of the roots of the tree are removed from under the soil.


If you have noticed the signs of disease or other problems with trees on your property a licensed arborist in East Lyme CT may be able to save your tree after a thorough assessment. However, once the tree has died, it should be taken down quickly because dead trees attract pests and rodents. Dead trees also can spread diseases to the other trees on the property, and they could potentially be hazardous as branches fall off. If you’re not sure whether or not you have a dead tree on your property look for some of these top signs that your tree is dead:


Bare And Brittle Branches
If it’s not winter time when trees are dormant but your tree’s branches are not blooming, and they are bare that is an indicator that your tree could be dead or dying. Tap on the branches. If they are brittle or scratch easily if you rub a fingernail on the bark the tree could be dead. Call a professional that specializes in tree removal in East Lyme CT to assess the tree when you notice it’s not flowering or that leaves aren’t growing.


The Trunk Is Cracked
Another good indication that your tree is dead or dying is vertical cracks running the length of the trunk. The cracks could be wide cracks that have split open, or they could be thin cracks that you can barely see. Even the thin cracks are proof that the tree isn’t getting the water or nutrients it needs, probably because the roots are dead or not functioning.


Fungus Growth
Healthy trees do not have fungus growing on them. If you see fungus growing on the roots or trunk of the tree, it’s a sign that the tree is dead. Fungus can grow from spores deposited on the tree by the wind. This is common if you have trees near planter beds that have mulch because often mulch contains bacteria and fungal spores that can be easily spread by the wind. Specialists in tree removal in East Lyme CT can remove dead trees before that fungus has a chance to spread.

Damaged Roots
This is a sign that you can often see easily in older trees. If you notice that the roots are broken or cracked or that they shift to one side the tree is probably dead. Roots that are damaged will be brittle and may move or crack if you push on them. Dead roots also may show signs of epicormic root growth. Epicormic roots look like tree branches that are growing out of the root. Root damage can be caused by pests, lawnmowers, or accidents like a car hitting the tree.


If you see any of these signs of tree death on your trees, the best thing to do is call for tree removal in East Lyme CT and the surrounding areas. Taking out dead trees right away will prevent a dead tree from falling on your home, creating a danger for your pets or kids, and infecting the rest of the trees on the property with disease or fungus.


‍Signs Your Tree Needs a Check Up | East Lyme CT | Tomorrow’s Trees

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Professional Tree Trimmer – East Lyme CT

Have you thought that hiring a professional tree trimmer was too expensive? There are some jobs around the house that you can save some money on by doing yourself. Doing small jobs yourself usually isn’t a risk. However, when it comes to jobs like tree trimming in East Lyme CT, you should always hire a professional tree trimmer. Working on the trees around your home can be a dangerous job if you don’t have experience trimming trees or removing trees, so homeowners should hire professionals for those kinds of jobs. Just a few of the reasons why you should hire professional tree trimmers for tree trimming and tree removal East Lyme CT include:


When homeowners try to do tree work on their own, it means climbing tall ladders with sharp equipment and trying to cut thick branches and limbs while balanced on a ladder. It’s a recipe for disaster for many homeowners. To get tree trimming and tree removal East Lyme CT done correctly and safely homeowners should leave this job to the professionals that have the training and education to do it right and do it safely.



Tree trimming requires a lot of experience. The mechanics of trimming, operating the equipment, and knowing precisely how much to cut are all learned from experience. A homeowner with rented equipment or home handyman grade equipment and no experience could destroy the tree, get hurt, or damage the equipment because they don’t have the experience to do this job right. Our technicians have years of experience trimming trees and performing tree removal East Lyme CT so you can trust that they will always do a good job.



Professional grade tree removal East Lyme CT and tree trimming equipment is built for safety and built to get the job done fast. Professional tree trimmers have access to better equipment than homeowners can access. The higher quality equipment used by pros means that you won’t have to worry about your trees or your home being damaged or worry about injuries that might happen on your property. Professional tree technicians who have been trained on this high-grade equipment know how to operate even the sharpest trimmers and shaping tools safely to make sure that your trees look great and will continue to thrive after being trimmed back.


No Cleanup

When you have a professional trim your trees and take care of any tree removal East Lyme CT, you can be confident that the work will be done quickly and that you won’t need to lift a finger to clean up when the work is done. Dead branches, leaves, and other debris will be quickly removed and taken care of for you so that you don’t have to spend hours raking or moving heavy and large branches after you’ve spent hours trimming your trees. With a fast completion time and all clean up was taken care of for you the only thing you’ll have to do is enjoy knowing that you won’t have to trim your trees or take care of the cleanup.


Professional Tree Trimmer | East Lyme CT | Tomorrow’s Trees