Tree Removal Southeastern CT

What are the signs that your tree needs a check up? Dead trees on your East Lyme CT property should be professionally removed as soon as possible. Tree removal in East Lyme CT should be done by professionals so that the removal is done safely and so that all of the roots of the tree are removed from under the soil.


If you have noticed the signs of disease or other problems with trees on your property a licensed arborist in East Lyme CT may be able to save your tree after a thorough assessment. However, once the tree has died, it should be taken down quickly because dead trees attract pests and rodents. Dead trees also can spread diseases to the other trees on the property, and they could potentially be hazardous as branches fall off. If you’re not sure whether or not you have a dead tree on your property look for some of these top signs that your tree is dead:


Bare And Brittle Branches
If it’s not winter time when trees are dormant but your tree’s branches are not blooming, and they are bare that is an indicator that your tree could be dead or dying. Tap on the branches. If they are brittle or scratch easily if you rub a fingernail on the bark the tree could be dead. Call a professional that specializes in tree removal in East Lyme CT to assess the tree when you notice it’s not flowering or that leaves aren’t growing.


The Trunk Is Cracked
Another good indication that your tree is dead or dying is vertical cracks running the length of the trunk. The cracks could be wide cracks that have split open, or they could be thin cracks that you can barely see. Even the thin cracks are proof that the tree isn’t getting the water or nutrients it needs, probably because the roots are dead or not functioning.


Fungus Growth
Healthy trees do not have fungus growing on them. If you see fungus growing on the roots or trunk of the tree, it’s a sign that the tree is dead. Fungus can grow from spores deposited on the tree by the wind. This is common if you have trees near planter beds that have mulch because often mulch contains bacteria and fungal spores that can be easily spread by the wind. Specialists in tree removal in East Lyme CT can remove dead trees before that fungus has a chance to spread.

Damaged Roots
This is a sign that you can often see easily in older trees. If you notice that the roots are broken or cracked or that they shift to one side the tree is probably dead. Roots that are damaged will be brittle and may move or crack if you push on them. Dead roots also may show signs of epicormic root growth. Epicormic roots look like tree branches that are growing out of the root. Root damage can be caused by pests, lawnmowers, or accidents like a car hitting the tree.


If you see any of these signs of tree death on your trees, the best thing to do is call for tree removal in East Lyme CT and the surrounding areas. Taking out dead trees right away will prevent a dead tree from falling on your home, creating a danger for your pets or kids, and infecting the rest of the trees on the property with disease or fungus.


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