It’s important to trim trees at the right time of year in East Lyme CT. Homeowners often aren’t quite sure how to take care of the trees on their property because the trees are often already grown when they buy the home. Sometimes homeowners don’t even realize that proper tree care is essential to keeping the trees healthy. Regular maintenance like trimming is recommended to prevent trees on your property from becoming sickly or dying.

It’s important that you trim your trees or have them trimmed by an expert in tree pruning in East Lyme CT at the right time of the year. If you trim trees too early, you can end up damaging the tree. If you trim it too late, the trimming won’t be effective. Trimming at the right time is the only way to keep your trees healthy. However, when is the right time to trim your trees? Most people think that the best time to trim trees in the fall. That’s when many homeowners clean up their yards, trim bushes and trees, and generally, get their yards and gardens ready for the winter when the plants and trees go dormant. However, most experts in tree removal East Lyme CT agree that you should never trim your trees and bushes in the fall. When you prune trees, it kicks off a cycle of new growth. In the fall the trees are getting ready to go dormant, so if you trim them in the fall you will interrupt their natural growth cycle, and in the spring instead of having a healthy blooming tree you will be calling for tree removal East Lyme CT because your tree will have tried to bloom over the winter and died.

Another reason why you should not trim your trees or bushes in the fall is that during the fall the weather is often wet and pruning trees or bushes in wet weather or when the ground is muddy can spread diseases to your shrubs and trees. Local tree experts in East Lyme CT say that diseases and fungus in trees can spread quickly in the fall, which is why they always recommend avoiding trimming any trees in the fall. Trees that bloom in the spring should be trimmed in the spring or early summer when the blooms have faded.

When you trim your trees after they have bloomed, you can safely trim the tree without damaging it so that you can still expect new growth and an abundance of blooms in the following year. If you have trees that bloom in the late summer don’t trim them in the fall. Wait until the early winter to trim them back. Taking care of your trees and working with their natural growth cycle will ensure that the trees on your property look beautiful and healthy for years to come. If you’re not sure if your trees are healthy or if you need help with tree removal East Lyme CT call the professionals who can trim your trees, assess the health of your trees, and remove any trees that are dead or dying.‍