What Soil Is Right For My New Tree?

We dive into what soil mixture is good for your new tree


Have you wondered about selecting the right soil for your new tree? Planting trees is good for the environment and good for your property. Even though it can take many decades for trees to mature, they are a good investment to make in your home. If you had to have tree removal East Lyme CT done to remove dead or dying trees, it’s a good idea to plant new trees after the old ones have been removed. In the past, the common thinking was that when you planted a tree, you should add a lot of different elements to the soil to help the roots grow and for the tree to grow strong. But, after a lot of tree removal, East Lyme CT due to roots never developing properly and young trees dying many tree experts now have a different opinion.‍


Professionals recommend that if you are planting the tree yourself, you should dig a hole that is 2-3 times as wide as the root ball of the tree when you’re planting. When you backfill that hole using only the soil that was already there but added some bone meal to the soil to give the roots extra nutrients, by digging a wide hole you are creating space for the roots to spread out as they start to grow. This will anchor the tree in the soil and give it a solid base to grow on.


Tree Planting Advice

When you are digging a hole to plant a tree, you should also not make it too deep. This is another common problem that tree removal professionals often see when homeowners plant trees. It’s one of the primary reasons why trees grow poorly or don’t grow at all and need tree removal in East Lyme CT tree removal in East Lyme CT. Before you dig the hole to plant the tree, identify where the trunk flares out and meets the root of the tree. The hole you dig for planting should be no deeper than that flare point. In fact, it’s a good idea to dig a hole that is shallow enough so that the flare sits slightly above the ground. The planting hole should be shallow but wide in order to give the roots the perfect environment to spread out and start growing.

If the soil on your property is poor, ask a tree expert in East Lyme CT to recommend fortifying the soil with the right nutrients. Adding a thin layer of mulch on top of the newly planted tree roots can protect the new roots from rain or damage and give the tree a better chance of survival. If your property has sandy or poor soil adding the mulch layer is very important to prevent the need for tree removal in East Lyme CT later on.