Watch for signs of disease or damage

You should call an experienced arborist to determine when it’s time to take a tree down. Trees can live for a very long time, but homeowners need to watch for signs of disease or death in their trees. Dead trees need to be taken down by experts in tree removal in East Lyme, CT so that those trees don’t become a hazard to your home and property.


Dead trees that are close to your home can cause massive damage to your home if they are knocked over in a storm or if the root gives way after death. Tree removal should be done by experienced professionals to ensure that the tree is removed safely and that the entire root structure, even the roots underground, are taken out. If you have noticed that some of your trees don’t look healthy and you’re not sure if they need to be removed contact the experts in tree removal East Lyme CT to have them assess the tree and remove it if necessary. The visible signs that one or more of your trees need to be taken down include:
No Leaves And No Growth
Bare branches on a tree are not normal unless it’s winter time and the tree is dormant. Any other time of the year if the branches of the tree are bare and have no leaves or signs of living foliage that tree probably needs to come down before the branches fall off. If you notice that a tree near your home, your garage, or where you park your vehicle is bare and brown when it should be green and full of leaves get a professional East Lyme CT tree removal to inspect it. They can assess the tree and see if needs to be taken down so that the branches don’t fall on your vehicle or other property.
Damage To The Roots
If the roots of the tree are damaged, the tree is probably dead, or dying, and needs to remove. Tree roots that are above the ground quite commonly are damaged by rodents, large animals like deer, or pests. If you have much wildlife in your area make sure that you check the roots of your trees regularly to see if they are healthy. Tree roots also can be damaged by lawn maintenance like lawnmowers or trimmers. Check the roots of the tree carefully and if you notice chunks missing from the roots, cracks or discoloration in the roots, or if notice that the roots don’t seem strongly anchored in the soil that tree needs to be taken down by tree specialists that have experience performing tree removal East Lyme CT.
The Tree Seems Unsteady
All trees will blow a bit in the wind, especially during storms. However, if you see a tree on your property that is listing to one side, seems easy to push out of position, or dips to a dangerous angle in the wind that tree is dead and needs to go right away. Don’t wait to call for tree removal East Lyme CT because waiting could cause significant damage to your home or property. Trees should always be removed by professionals who have the experience, training, and professional grade equipment to remove the entire tree right down to the roots that are in the ground.‍